Grounds and Landscape Management

Everybody's needs are different for the maintenance of their outdoor area. We respond carefully to the specifications for each commercial enterprise and as well as listen carefully to the needs of each homeowner.

Services requested most often include:

Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance - spring clean-up

Spring Clean-Up

  • Spade edging of all beds to maintain well defined edge.
  • Removal of any winter debris from beds and turf areas.
  • Removal of all edging material from site.
  • Addition of new premium hardwood mulch to all beds.

Pruning Program - Early Spring 

Seasonal maintenance - early spring

When:  prior to bud break

  • Removal of crossing limbs, bad crotch angles and thinning of small trees as needed.
  • Summer flowering shrubs will be trimmed back at this time to stimulate new growth and better bloom set.  All suckers will be removed from plants at this time.


When: after main flush of growth

  • Trimming of evergreens to maintain natural shape.
  • Removal of flush growth from deciduous shrubs.
  • Spot prune any plants that have flushed more than desired to maintain neat appearance.


Seasonal maintenance - summer

When:  late August or September

  • Plants will be trimmed to remove second flush of growth.
  • Old wood flowering plants will be trimmed after they are finished blooming.
  • Removal of any sucker growth from trees is done at this time.


  • Mowing and string trimming of all turf areas.
  • Weeding and maintaining a weed free appearance in all ornamental areas.
  • Power edging of all curbs and sidewalks.
  • Cleanup of hard surface areas from debris formed by above functions.
  • Fall leaf removal.

Annual Color Installation

  • Seasonal maintenance - color installationInstallation of annual color plantings designed by our landscape designer to meet your site requirements and color preferences.
  • Incorporation of organic material and fertilizer to floral areas.
  • Removal of dead plant material in the fall.